The Tiger’s Bride By Angela Carter


‘The Tiger’s Bride’ is a short story written by Angela Carter. It is from of her collection called ‘The Bloody Chamber‘, that re-imagines fairy tales. The story is a feminist twist on the classic Beauty and the Beast tale. It follows a young woman who is forced into a marriage with a mysterious man who transforms into a tiger. As the story progresses, the woman starts to embrace her own animalistic nature and becomes a tiger herself. The story explores themes of identity, desire, and power dynamics between men and women. Carter’s writing style is known for its lush and sensual descriptions, and ‘The Tiger’s Bride’ is no exception. It is a thought-provoking and provocative tale that challenges traditional gender roles and expectations.

This book was designed and printed by Sebastian Carter at the Rampant Lions Press, Cambridge; hand-set in Hunt Roman and printed on Arches mould-made paper.

Fourteen lino-cut illustrations created for the book by Corinna Sargood, long-term collaborator and friend of Angela Carter.

  • This is a one-off design binding created from one of 25 unbound copies, this being copy A
  • Full bound in dark blue goat skin leather
  • Decorative hand cut red leather onlays depicting nude heroine Bride and the Tiger
  • Blind embossed decorative tooling
  • Gold lettering to front and spine
  • Hand-sewn silk end-bands
  • Top edge hand-gilded in red and gold
  • Hand marbled end-papers by Payhembury
  • Volume size H=32cm W=26cm
  • Red cloth covered hard slipcase to fit.

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Corinna Sargood – Illustrator 

Born in London in 1941, Corinna is best known for her work with feminist writer Angela Carter. A life long friend, she worked with Carter intensively on image-centered adaptations of her work: Sargood illustrated the two Virago books of fairy tales edited by Carter (the Virago Book of Fairytales and Strange Things Sometimes Still Happen: Fairy Tales from Around the World); and painted pictures for the film The Magic Toyshop, adapted from Carter’s 1967 novel. In the exhibition, Corinna is showing some special hand printed and bound copies of Carter’s The Tiger’s Bride and has made a family friendly colouring book for the show all about the uses of Mexican cacti.

Source: Selvedge Magazine 21st November 2019

Corinna is an author in her own right.


Rampant Lions Press

Rampant Lions started life as a private press in 1924, when Will Carter was still a schoolboy. After the war, his interest in printing was such that he decided to try to establish the Press on a commercial footing, and did so in Cambridge in 1949. From that date until the formal closure of the Press at the end of 2008, Rampant Lions has been among the most highly regarded letterpress printing-offices in Britain. The skills of Will and Sebastian Carter in design and press-work have been recognized by publishers, who commissioned work from them. Their skills have also been recognized by collectors, who have sought out their publications since the 1950s. Sebastian Carter also has an international reputation as a writer on type and typography and is the author of several books, including in 2013 The Rampant Lion Press: A Narrative Catalogue.

Besides printing, Carter also designed two fonts for Monotype, Klang and Octavian, the latter with David Kindersley. He also designed signage and a font for Dartmouth College, where he was artist-in-residence for a time. 

Source: Wikipedia



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